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The Joyce Girl
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Electric Shadows of Shanghai
Good questions on the writing process
I am currently on a Blog Tour for my new novel, Conquest: Daughter of the Last King and have been tackling some very good questions from bloggers about researching, writing and publishing processes, as well questions about the novel itself. See some of my answers here: The Cosy Reader, 10 October 20 [read more]
Northeye Liminal
It’s a warm July afternoon on the southeast coast, the sun bright off the sea. I’m walking across a field in a train of people on a guided tour, bouncing on thick grasses combed flat by the wind. We’re  heading towards a marker post in the distance, a post painted mustard yellow, easi [read more]

Cooking in a Bedsitter
There is still no sign of the book. I go for a walk; it is not there. I visit our favourite cafe: not there either. I put on my best clothes, as Keats used to do, hoping it will smell my aftershave. It does not work. I am on my own this time, with no […] [read more]

What’s in a Name? – Names and Pseudonyms.

“What’s in a name?” Shakespeare asked in Romeo and Juliet and this is something writers must ask themselves before they push a button to publish their first story online or – should they be so lucky – sign off on the proofs for their publisher. The name on the front cover will become th [read more]