Impress Prize Winner 2017:


The Day’s Heat…

the days heat

Set in the early sixties against the backdrop of impending national integration, the novel follows Lee James, a dark-skinned, Catholic, Lebanese girl who comes to a small south Georgia town.

Lee has already seen the partiality shown her younger, fairer sister Ray, and experienced prejudice even in the Catholic church that she dutifully attends with her two daughters, who both have their father’s blonde hair and blue eyes.

She must confront the prejudices of her husband’s family and the community toward her nationality and religion, at a time when there were no birth control pills, no internet, no cell phones, and when a woman’s place was in the home. Lee struggles with her own growth as a wife, mother, and an individual in an unfavourable place and time.


…By Roberta George


Roberta George was born in Bisbee, Arizona, and also lived in California and Texas. Almost every summer of her life, she spent with her German grandmother on a 20-acre farm in the South, which left her with an overwhelming desire to pick blackberries every spring and make wine.

She has seven children and lived with a third-generation Lebanese husband in Valdosta, Georgia. Roberta also writes for the Valdosa Daily Times.