Feedback Option

In response to requests from previous years, we have decided to create a ‘Feedback Option’ to which entrants of the Impress Prize may apply.

The aim of this new option is to enable authors to receive professional feedback on their submission and help them improve their manuscripts for future submissions. The feedback will be written by someone on the Impress team; they will go through the sample chapter and prize application including the proposal and comment on the application, the writing and commerciality of the proposal. There will be an extra charge of £75 plus VAT for this feedback as our editor will spend a minimum of 2 hours assessing the entry under the following headings:
-Eligibility for entry,
-Writing style,
-For Fiction: structure, plot and characterisation,
-For Non-fiction: structure and organisation,
-Originality and competition analysis,
-Genre and commerciality,

Entrants will be able to request feedback at the time of entry and up to a week after the winner has been announced.

Writers can also request feedback on specific areas of their writing by emailing