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Eighteen Days of Spring in Winter
eighteen days web
Eighteen Days of Spring in Winter follows the life of Sophia, a literature student in Cairo. As the revolution begins to stir across Egypt, each member of Sophia’s family is affected differently. Her father remains worried and sceptical, her brother is quiet at home until he leaves to join the protesters, and Sophia discovers a new-found political consciousness as the revolution unfolds.

ISBN: 9781907605741
Format: eBook
Price: £1.99

Spill (some stories)
spill web
This short story compilation ranges from heart-warming comedy to ruminations on existence: from the bizarre to the eerily macabre. See weird and wonderful preserved exhibits in a dusty old museum, immerse yourself in the conversation at a dinner party, or step foot into Dr Grost’s office. This remarkable, thirteen-story collection, introduces a huge variety of engaging characters and showcases Ward’s trademark style and humour.

eISBN: 9781907605802
Format: eBook
Available: 1 Dec 2015
Price: £2.99

Where Beauty Is
where beauty is web
After art critic Edward Fisher committed suicide, author Giles Ward discovered a lifetime’s collection of notes and transcripts the writer had made in preparation for his biography of the controversial twentieth-century British artist Wallace Slade.

eISBN: 9781907605796
Format: eBook
Available: Feb 2016
Price: £2.99

Electric Shadows of Shanghai
electric web
It’s 1931 and British diplomat William Graves and his wife, Amelia, are flung headfirst into the enticing, neon lit streets of Shanghai. As Will helps to maintain the fragile peace between China and Japan, Amelia, alone in a foreign city, seeks solace with a Russian ballet troupe that are more than they seem.

eISBN: 9781907605758
: eBook
Price: £2.99
Available: 18 December 2015

Dead Olives
dead olives web
With Greece caught in the jaws of economic crisis, the lives of its people are spiralling into disarray. Sunday and Samwells Ngone are migrants struggling to survive in a country rife with poverty and patrolled by right-wing militias. Filoxénia is trying to carve out an independent life for herself in the city, while her beautiful sister Anássa is keeping dangerous company. Their lives are brought together by events at the FlyKing Hotel…