Being Luis

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ISBN: 9780954758615
eISBN: 9781907605185
Dimensions: 137 mm x 215 mm
Pages: 254
Format: Paperback
Published: 6 June 2005
Price: £7.99

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“An eloquent, brutally personal book.” New Statesman

“A fitting tribute to the disappeared of political repression.” Review on

“This is a wonderful and important book; tragic, funny, pathetic and brave, all the very best and worst of human nature.” John McCarthy, CBE

A voice for those who were silenced.

This powerful biography reflects recent Chilean history from the 1960s to the present through the author’s extraordinary personal experiences. Luis Muñoz recounts his magical, sometimes harsh, childhood, his development as a left-wing activist, his arrest and torture by Pinochet’s military regime and eventual exile to England.

It is a story of love and survival in a time where the young were prepared to sacrifice everything, including their lives, for a better future. When ordinary people did great things and dared to dream great dreams. Uplifting, at times devastating, this story will move everyone who reads it. It speaks for a lost generation who paid the ultimate price for their ideals.