Conquest Book 1: Daughter of the Last King

ISBN: 9781907605819
eISBN: 9781907605826
Format: Paperback/eBook
Price: £9.99
Available: Oct 2016

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‘A wonderful novel brilliantly researched and told in a fantastic page turning style… it will appeal to fans of Carol McGrath, Joanna Courtney and Patricia Bracewell.’ Lisa Reads Books
‘Recommended if you’re a fan of Poldark, Outlander, Philippa Gregory…’
‘Until you read fiction with this kind of conviction of place and tradition you’re unable to capture the fuller view’ Jorie Loves a Story
‘Tracey Warr manages to bring forgotten, historical characters to life with such vivacity… [with] impeccably well researched history and well-conjured settings, Conquest makes for one engrossing historical read… [in] a similar writing style to Diana Gabaldon’ Cosy Reads
‘A beautifully written story, set against impressively researched history and narrated at a thriller pace…’ (Amazon Reviewer)
‘Warr has skilfully woven a myriad historical facts with the life – and loves – of an intriguing woman’ (Ann Hebert, Amazon)
‘Meticulously researched, never weighed down, and the detail about daily life at court, in Norman castles or in convents is always interspersed with great character development, engaging dialogue and page-turning action.’ (Historical Novel Society)
‘I practically inhaled the contents of this book.’ (Poppy Coburn)

1093. The three sons of William the Conqueror – Robert Duke of Normandy, William II King of England and Count Henry – fight with each other for control of the Anglo-Norman kingdom created by their father’s conquest.

Meanwhile, Nest ferch Rhys, the daughter of the last independent Welsh king, is captured during the Norman assault of her lands. Raised with her captors, the powerful Montgommery family, Nest is educated to be the wife of Arnulf of Montgommery, in spite of her pre-existing betrothal to a Welsh prince.

Who will Nest marry and can the Welsh rebels oust the Normans?

Daughter of the Last King is the first in the Conquest Trilogy.
Category: Historical fiction, historical romance, medieval

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