Past Winners

Susie Stead for “Stephen, From the Inside Out”. To be published by Impress Books. Date TBA.

In 2019, the judging panel was:

  • Annabel Abbs, author and 2015 Impress Prize winner
  • Sonny Wills, Swales and Willis (previous owners of Impress Books)
  • Lisa Dickinson, author.

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Sophie Haydock for “The Flames”. 

In 2018, the judging panel was:

  • Anthony Wilson, poet and author, University of Exeter lecturer
  • Rosie Stewart, Impress Books
  • Lisa Dickensen, author.

Roberta H George for “The Day’s Heat”. Published by Impress Prize in 2018.

Magdalena McGuire for “Home is Nearby”. Published by Impress Books in 2016.

Annabel Abbs for “The Joyce Girl”. Published by Impress Prize in 2016.

Susan Luddem for “The Bearded Lady Bird”.

In 2013, the judging panel was made up of:

  • Tracey Warr, art historian and author
  • Tim Kendall, writer and English professor
  • Tamsin Ballard, Impress Books editor.

Lachlan Plain for “The Lost Journals of Pedro Piscator”. Published by Impress Books in 2014.

Elizabeth McLean for “Imagining Vietnam”

Edmund Bealby-Wright for “This Farewell Symphony”

Roshi Fernando for “Homesick”

Robert Hann for “SAS Operation Galia: Bravery Behind Enemy Lines in the Second World War”

Carol Fenlon for “Consider the Lilies”