South of Hannah
South of Hannah Bookjacket

ISBN 9781911293231   

eISBN: 9781911293248    

Format: Paperback/eBook
Price: £8.99/2.99
Available: 1 September 2018

“What talent, what nerve, what a wondrous, lyrical, and spellbinding debut novel David Norman has given us. South of Hannah is written with grace, intelligence and abiding tenderness. And you’ll find yourself reading it slowly so it won’t ever end.”

—John Dufresne, No Regrets, Coyote

“David Norman captures the magic and mystery of jazz like no other writer. South of Hannah is the debut of an important new voice in contemporary literature.”

—William Jensen, Cities of Men

Cole Howland has it good. He has Suzette, his girlfriend of six years; he has his career as a jazz musician and occasional academic; and he has Lily, Suzette’s piano prodigy daughter and Cole’s musical lifeline.

But when he returns from touring to find that Suzette is leaving him for another man, his world disintegrates.

Hooked on a vicious cocktail of heartache, jealousy, and jazz, Cole’s grip on his life is faltering. Kicked out of his band and with his drinking spiralling out of control, Cole is struggling to hold it together.

Things can only get better when Hannah, a scholar and jazz aficionado, comes onto the scene. But Suzette’s fiancé is set on Cole’s destruction, and Lily is slipping through his fingers. Cole will discover those things he could never live without, and he’ll have to fight for them.